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John Jones
« on: August 31, 2016, 08:36:31 am »

On August 23, (BIN) reported the mysterious death of Assange’s lawyer John Jones - struck by a train. Did he jump or was he pushed? Draw your own conclusions?

Why would a successful lawyer defending a high-profile client like Assange and others like him want to end his life?

He died in April, BIN only learning about it in late August, saying “a complete media blackout and total lack of interest from the media on this story” kept it from getting the attention it deserved.

BIN described Jones as a millionaire lawyer in London, a husband with two young children, having “absolutely no reason whatsoever to commit suicide…”

“(I)t appears that (well-known) people who expose” Bill and Hillary Clinton wrongdoing or threaten to all too often end up dead.

Is Assange next to go? - See more at: