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Michel Meyer-Mace
« on: July 25, 2016, 10:52:43 am »

from the Patent #FR9110472 and FR2680613

This patented generator is a solid-state generator which uses the nuclear resonant ferromagnetic effect in a cylindrical rod of iron(56). This effect has been named by the inventors the "isotopic mutation effect".

They use a common iron rod (isotopic number 56) with 3 simple coils wound around it.

This rod is placed between a U shaped core (soft iron) for closing the magnetic circuit and thus reducing the magnetic losses (see the diagram).

The inventors claim that if we introduce 105 eV to the iron (isotope 56), its change to the iron isotope 54. The energy generated by this nuclear reaction inside the iron rod will produce an energy gain of 20,000 eV. The energy required for generating the isotopic mutation is produced by a nuclear magnetic resonance effect. The parametric excitation is obtained by the coil #2 acting as the pump.

The energy output is collected by the coil #3 which is able to produce 110-220-380V at 400Hz.

The iron rod is used as the main source of energy by isotopic mutation effect, thus, this will provide a simple and cheap source of energy for a long time.

The inventors claim that this device can be used for building self-powered elecrical power supplies.

Translated from the french patent FR9110472 "Activateur pour mutation isotopique"

Others reference documents :

- Patent FR7421213 "Générateur électrique autonome" by Michel Meyer

- Sciences et vie "Une centrale électrique chez soi" by Renaud de la Taille