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     Nikitin G.G. Experiment on measurement of beam deflection of light to the center of Earth. - 2-nd Kharkov conf. “Gravitation, Cosmology and Relativity. Astrophysics”, Kharkov, 2003. (Russ)
    Nikitin G.G. The absolute optical gravimeter - AGON. - "Geodesy and Cartography" // № 6, 2004 (Russ)

Series of Nikitin's experiments, made by him during two tens years finished by widely known experiments in May - September, 2003, has shown availability of a new physical phenomenon - the displacement of beam of light to the center of Earth on an angle appropriate to Galilean vector composition of light velocity and the escape velocity in a check-in location.

Nikitin's experiment and phenomenon detected by him are fundamental discovery in physics, which one will define a basic change of paths of development of physics as soon as possible.

The phenomenon discovered by Nikitin should be named as “NIKITIN PHENOMENON”. This phenomenon stands in series of such, as discovered by James Bradley in 1728 the phenomenon of the stellar abberation and the phenomenon of nutation of Earth's axis in 1748. Nikitin Phenomenon has a direct relation to the stellar abberation. The Galilean vectorial velocity composition of light and local speed presents in both phenomena. In case of a stellar abberation it is an orbital velocity of the Earth, and in case of Nikitin phenomenon there is an escape velocity.