Author Topic: Chemtrails som hjælpemiddel til mind control  (Read 2691 times)


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Chemtrails som hjælpemiddel til mind control
« on: October 08, 2015, 08:28:20 pm »

By Arno Pienaar

Aluminium is the main atomic element that is used to maintain the slave program. This element is a prime receiver of electromagnetic signals and this can been proved by merely noticing what material an aerial on the radio is made from — aluminium, of course.

What is the main element being sprayed everywhere via chemtrails? Aluminium, of course.

What is the main elemental byproduct of soy processing that is virtually inside all commercial chocolate, that millions of beings indulge in? Aluminium, of course.

Soy products contain high levels of aluminium, leached from the aluminium tanks in which they are acid washed and processed at high temperatures.

The fact that most, if not all, drug capsules contain soy as an ingredient, should be a huge red flag for everyone.


Så en af ideerne med chemtrails er at få indlejret aluminium i hjernen på befolkningen. Aluminium virker som en modtager for mindcontrol-stråling - informations-signaler.

Vi husker vel at aluminium anvendes af Plocher til at fange og oplagre informations-stråling. Forfatteren her mener at det samme kan ske, når man har aluminium i hjernen. Man bliver nemmere offer for informations-signaler, som skjult udsendes af diverse systemer. Således muligvis af Wifi eller HAARP?