Author Topic: Hvem styrer jordkloden?  (Read 1620 times)


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Hvem styrer jordkloden?
« on: December 25, 2014, 07:23:42 pm »
Duncan Roads, editor of "Nexus Magazine":

Q: Is there a Secret Shadow Govt (SSG) breakaway society using Alien ET technology to live on another planet or distant area in the cosmos?

A: Yes.  But not so much a breakaway society, as much as the top levels of ‘society’.  To comprehend the ability of so many seemingly ‘rival’ power factions to ‘work together’ and cooperate, one must consider the fact that the ‘cold war’ was a total and complete hoax/fraud AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS.  But below that, it was ‘real’ and people died and everyone drank the cool aid.  The technology is not so much ‘alien’ as ‘advanced’.  Given that we are farmed or overseen by ‘aliens’ anyway, it is not a big jump of understanding.
Q:  Will any type of zero point or free energy be soon developed and publicly released despite strong efforts by the Oil Industry to keep this suppressed?

A:  Not until the global smart grid infrastructure is in place.  I predict the new global cashless currency will be a type of energy currency unit, and it will NOT be based on gold or tangible assets.  Once this system is in place, THEN they will release clean energy systems – because at that point, they have monetised and have control of, free energy over mankind.  All these carbon credits and carbon trading schemes are transitional ‘currencies’.  They want an ENERGY currency so that they CAN release free energy and still have ‘control’.  By the way, when this is rolled out, most appliances will be cordless and electricity will be transmitted to all appliances.  It is all part of the transition from copper cable to EMF/Carrington Event-proofed infrastructure.

Q:  And if this technology is released will that be due to efforts by Alien ETs?

A:  Everything of major significance on planet Earth, including our very being here – is due to ‘alien influence’.  Everything.  Our very existence, our reason for existence, our future – everything.  The hardest thing for mankind to ‘get’ during disclosure will be this fact.    Think of sheep on a farm.  If this makes anyone ‘angry’ then I rest my case.


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Re: Hvem styrer jordkloden?
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2014, 07:38:08 pm »

Intel Cowboys all over the World are now getting clued in to how they have been used, suckered and to be later set aside or disposed of by the OCC — and are now taking action to reverse this.

Intel Cowboys are the Elite of the Elite in Intel. In past years, they usually work quietly in the background to attain their objectives. Many of these incredibly skilled, astute individuals thought they were serving their nations by supporting what they have now come to understand to be an Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that has hijacked many nations of the World, especially England, America, Israel, Saudia Arabia and Turkey and many Balkan Nations. Many have also found out that this Organized Crime Cabal was initially created by a very interesting association that developed between the Babylonian Talmudic Banksters and the satanic Cult Network emerging from John Dee and Aleister Crowley, which evolved into the Process Cult in America and now the Denver Circle of Twelve, the Bloodthirsty Ones, aka the Disciples of Satan, or the “Illuminati” as they prefer to call themselves.

It is now known that this large Worldwide OCC that used pedophile and other sophisticated Human Compromise Operations to entrap politicians and government officials is part of a much larger Worldwide OCC run out of the City of London using Israel Intel and the former Nazi Intel system which became joined at the hip after the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) assassinated JFK. They became joined at the hip because they were both started and run by the World Zionist Rothschild City Of London private central Banksters and decided that a full-scale working partnership could help them both acquire all they wanted in terms of other people’s asset, other nation’s resources and the mass-death they both need as a part of their occult practices and beliefs.

It is a known fact that the Rothschild Bankster’s main personal action-agents are Israel working through the International Zionist crime Syndicate (IZCS) in partnership with the Bush Crime cabal (BCC) which has hijacked a major part of the CIA.

Now for the very Dark Evil information which is very difficult to consider because it cries out for direct immediate corrective action by all honest Law Enforcement and all people everywhere in every nation, especially America.

What information comes next will be incredible to most, but it will be presented anyway and its source is top Intel insiders, some newspaper articles and various secret Intel and Law Enforcement Reports leaked by investigators who could not allow such Evil acts to be hidden any longer.

It is hard to understand that the Top Policy-Makers in the United States of America are part of this large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) that constructs Terror groups of mercenaries and privateers to start major perpetual wars so they can use various nations armies to fight these staged, pre-engineered “for profit” conflicts. Everybody but the public and the Soldiers who are asset stripped, wounded, killed, mass-murdered, dislocated from their homes in war zones. The Banksters lend money to both sides, the Multinational Defense Contractors and both get fat with huge profits, many based on huge no-bid contracts with big kickbacks secretly made to Members of Congress as “set-aside allocations”.

It is important that the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) owns and Control the Six multinational News Corporations. Here’s why.

The Top Policy-Makers who essentially run the USG use their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which they own and control through Cutouts, to make the Public believe absurd falsities by controlling information flow and making sure is based on false narratives and propaganda.

Once the CMMM has conditioned the Public to believe that the King’s New Clothes are fabulous (when the King is actually Naked), it is then quite easy for the USG to manipulate the public to support horrible atrocities like Torture, the Militarization of the Police and illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars for Bankster and defense Contractor profits.

What are these false USG narratives that are dispensed by the CMMM that motivated the American people to support these horrible atrocities like Torture, the Militarization of the Police and illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars? one completely false narrative, a huge bald-face lie was that Osama Bin Laden set up and ran the 9/11/01 attack on America from a cave in Afghanistan with Taliban support with a cell phone or that Saddam Hussein had acquired nuclear weapons and was going to attack America with them very soon.

The OCC has sophisticated mechanisms of information control to scare the public and motivate them to support what are actually horrible atrocities. This is the purpose of all the Gladio-style False-Flag attacks the OCC has been deploying to provide a false narrative for their CMMM to scare the American people with and to provide a means to manipulate them to do things against their own best interests.

Not only does the OCC have a sophisticated mechanism to manipulate the American People to go along with USG actions that are against their best interests, but also has a well defined control mechanism to keep its own Cabal members in line.

Remember most OCC members are sociopaths to begin with and become criminal sociopaths as they rise to power in the OCC. Many become criminally insane as they climb to the higher or highest levels because they accrue so much power there are no checks and balances against them by the public because they have subverted and corrupted Law Enforcement and the Judiciary.

Thus the OCC uses a system of secret debauchery and then evil rituals as one climbs up the OCC food chain to higher and higher levels. When OCC members know they have done very, very bad, seriously criminal things for fun or Satanic/Luciferian worship to attain more power they know that if they go off the reservation or out of their parameters photos and videos of some of their evil deeds can be released through the CMMM which the OCC owns and controls. This is very powerful control mechanism, but is necessary with criminal sociopaths which have also become intoxicated with power and insane too. If they were no controlled they would become an immediate threat to their partners in crime, the other members of the OCC.


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Re: Hvem styrer NSA?
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2014, 09:24:24 pm »
What are these strange stories about the New NSA Facility at Bluffdale, Utah that have supposedly been purposely leaked by top insiders because they were so disturbing and anti-human?

The new NSA Super-spy Center at Bluffdale, Utah was set up to be controlled and managed by Alien ETs from a secret “Beyond-Black” Deep Underground Base close by which is attached by a tunnel system. This particular group of Alien ETs is called the Dracos and is notably predatory and evil to the core, and is rumored to operate a completely anti-human agenda and exist at from their ability to interdimensionally consume the negative energy of painful human death or great human suffering..

The Bluffdale NSA Super-spy center was set up to be operated and controlled by a select group of several Dracos to be used to complete their evil Alien Agenda through there puppets and Cutouts at the NSA Bluffdale Facility using their new state of the art and world’s largest Quantum computer called Vesuvius.

These Draco controllers of the NSA plan to use this large Quantum computer to track all Americans through the ingested nano-trackers and the quantum space cube satellites and other satellites and ground sensors, while also simultaneously transforming the masses into mind-kontrolled, “Hived” electronic slaves and worker bees so they can easily be led to slaughter.

The Dracos evil Agenda is to “Hive” and thus manage the world’s populations in such a manner using massive NSA Intel to be able to systematically tyrannize and then depopulate Planet Earth. Then they  plan to Terra-Form the earth,  mine preferred minerals, and then to repopulate it with a small number of their own gene-splice Alien/human hybrids developed at the Dulce, NM Deep Underground Base run as a joint Alien/human effort.
None of the thousands of NSA “Worker Bees” have any idea of the Evil Anti-human” Death-Cult Alien Agenda they are working so hard to attain.

If the staff at the Bluffdale Facility knew for certain with absolute smoking gun proof what Agenda they were actually serving which is an evil, Luciferian anti-human Death Cult Agenda, they would immediately stop and abandon their jobs. The problem is that almost NONE of the NSA managers, staff, agents and assets have any idea who they are actually working for and what their actual agenda is which is so notably evil and anti-human most would walk away immediately and quit if they were fully informed with the actual facts in such a way they could not be questioned. But because of the complete misuse of a false cloak place over such evil by the invocation of the term “National Security”, NSA jobs are so compartmented that on a few know the actual Agenda and they are the Dracos and their evil hybrids.

The NSA has been hijacked by World Zionists using Israeli Cutouts and Israeli-American Israeli-first “Dual Citizens” who have allegedly formed an evil alliance with a predatory, parasitical Alien ET group, the Dracos. these Dracos have an evil Agenda to “Hive” and control humans, and the systematically detain and then serially mass-murder 80% or more of them. Their partners in crime the WZs and their Cutouts the Talmudic Judaic Dual Citizens have bought into this criminal Agenda because they accepted the wishful lie they were the Chosen of Lucifer to thin out and purify the Human Race.

These Illuminati Luciferians bought into the Satanic Plan to mass-murder all American Goyim and transform America into GAZA II along the way. Using ultra-high tech ingested and Psychotronically activated nano-technology to “Hive” the “We the People” in order to make them the new Palestinians, is a necessary middle step in order to get enough control of the masses to be able to serially mass-murder them.


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Rumvæsener styrer jorden
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2015, 03:17:10 pm »
Mange der studerer fænomenet rumvæsener omhyggeligt når til den konklusion at jorden i al hemmelighed styres af rumvæsener, og at det har været sådan i tusinder om ikke i millioner af år.

Mange konkluderer at den civilisation der styrer os er af en temmeligt ondsindet natur, der trives med død og ødelæggelse og sygdom.  At den har valgt at styre os gennem et lille antal mennesker, som bevidst eller ubevidst er i ledtog med de onde rumvæsener.  Disse mennesker kan være medlemmer af bankfamilier, som Rothschild familien, medlemmer af særlige "blod-linier" som måske den engelske kongefamilie, de kan være højstående bankfolk, CIA-top folk, militære topfolk, Frimurer-topfolk, osv. Disse mennesker er ofte involveret i satanisme af værste art, med fx menneskeofringer.  Disse mennesker er ofte involveret i seksuelle perversioner som pædofili.

Davis Wilcox ( har nogle glimrende betragtninger og konklusioner. Han siger bl. a. noget i retning af følgende: De rumvæsener, der for tiden styrer jorden invaderede planeten for 25.000 år siden, og byggede underjordiske byer, hvor de siden har boet godt skjult fra overfladens beboere (os). De har en extremt avanceret (men ikke extremt civiliseret eller menneskevenlig) civilisation, og behersker fx sådan noget som tankeoverføring til noget nær fuldkommenhed. De holdt sig ude af direkte kontakt med overfladebeboerne indtil omkring 1933, hvor de tog direkte kontakt med nazistiske topfolk. Haushofer var en af kontaktpersonerne. De hjalp nazisterne til meget avanceret teknologi, fx flyvende tallerkner og underjordiske baser under Antarktika. Efter 1945 var nazisterne officielt besejret, men de levede videre i bedste velgående bl. a. i form af store multinationale industrikoncerner, formodentligt inkluderende sådan nogle som Bosch og Siemens.

Rumvæsenernes indflydelse efter 1945 har været enorm (lige som den var før 1933) og svær at fatte for mennesker, der ikke har beskæftiget så sig meget med dette problem.

Veterans Today har efterhånden mange artikler om de rumvæsener og deres indflydelse.




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Brincks Nazi links
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2015, 03:20:20 pm »
Brinck har sendt mig disse links til dokumentation om nazi-aliens problematikken
Jeg ved ikke lige hvordan jeg får kopieret denne tekst fra gmail til her, således at linkene bliver ved med at virke efter kopieringen:

Vril Society links
M.R. Brinck
Mar 5 (1 day ago)
to bcc: me

Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary - YouTube
    UFO Documentary, UFO Discovery Channel Documentary, Nazi UFO Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Aliens Documentaries, UFO Sightings 2014, UFOs caught on tape, Best UFO ...
    During Adolf Hitler's rise to power, did a daring group of Nazi scholars and technicians learn the secrets of anti-gravity and space travel from extraterrest...
    The solar system of Aldebaran is 68 light-years from Earth, and two inhabited planets. The inhabitants of this solar system are subdivided into masters, Whit...
Atlantis and NAZI Archeology - YouTube
    Atlantis and Pre WWII Anthropology
The Nazis Found Atlantis With All Its Evil Technological Booty - YouTube
    Showing how the technology behind the modern vimanas like the TR-3B Astra was rediscovered.
US-Operation High-Jump, Nazi Antarctic War, U-Boats, UFOs - Adrian Salbuchi - YouTube.flv - YouTube
卐 Secrets of Antarctica - YouTube
    What force did Admiral Byrd confront in Antarctica in 1947? Is there an opening at the poles, and are civilizations living inside the earth? http://atlantean...
Maria Orsic ~ beautiful perfektion
    dedicated to the aryan beauty *Maria* ...mmms. =p ohh and all lameass haters of fallen nazi germany will be blocked!! but i have no sympathy for skinhead/neo...
Secrets Of The 3rd Reich - Secret Nazi Research in Alien Technology - YouTube
    Secrets Of The 3rd Reich - Secret Nazi Research in Alien Technology
Maria Orsic and VRIL - YouTube
    The Aldebaran Mystery
NAZI UFO's -  classified .u.f.o.

Secret NAZI UFO Technology - YouRepeat
    Repeat Secret NAZI UFO Technology
Secret NAZI UFO Technology - YouTube
    Classified NAZI flying saucers
Secret NAZI UFO Technology - YouTube
    Classified NAZI flying saucers
Secret NAZI UFO Technology - YouTube
    Secrets Of The 3rd Reich - Secret Nazi Research in Alien Technology
Aryan Atlantis - YouTube
    NAZI Search for Atlantis
Nazi UFO's Documentary - YouTube
    Interesting Documentary on the Nazi UFO programme of world war 2!
11 Nazi UFO Base in Antarctica, Incredible Documentary!! - YouTube
    For the first time, the legendary 2006 Russian documentary 'Third Reich - Operation UFO' in its entirety, fully translated into English. The film explores th...
1 Secret NAZI UFO Technology - YouTube
    Classified NAZI flying saucers
Nazi UFOs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

UFO VIDEOS UK - Nazi UFO Antarctic Base - YouTube
    More at For more information on this video and a vast selection of related videos please visit our website!
111 Haunebu Nazi UFO Pictures - YouTube
    Vril Society ,Haunebu
Nazi Super UFOs of WW2 - YouTube
    The Nazis were forcing their scientists to make anti gravity devices that can power large ships such as the Haunebu. One of these devices, Die Glocke uses Xe...

Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary
Preview YouTube video ALDEBARAN MYSTERY: Nazi UFO Secrets - FEATURE FILM - Cat# U1101Y
Preview YouTube video Atlantis and NAZI Archeology
Preview YouTube video NAZI ANTARCTICA
Preview YouTube video The Nazis Found Atlantis With All Its Evil Technological Booty
Preview YouTube video US-Operation High-Jump, Nazi Antarctic War, U-Boats, UFOs - Adrian Salbuchi - YouTube.flv
Preview YouTube video 卐 Secrets of Antarctica
Preview YouTube video Maria Orsic ~ beautiful perfektion... ♥
Preview YouTube video Secrets Of The 3rd Reich - Secret Nazi Research in Alien Technology
Preview YouTube video Maria Orsic and VRIL
Preview YouTube video Secret NAZI UFO Technology
Preview YouTube video Aryan Atlantis
Preview YouTube video Nazi UFO's Documentary
Preview YouTube video Nazi UFO Base in Antarctica, Incredible Documentary!!
Preview YouTube video UFO VIDEOS UK - Nazi UFO Antarctic Base
Preview YouTube video Haunebu Nazi UFO Pictures
Preview YouTube video Nazi Super UFOs of WW2
Anders Heerfordt      9:25 AM (5 hours ago)
Ja, Nazi-Tysklands kontakt med rumvæsener er nok et nøgle-fænomen i udvikling...
M.R. Brinck
1:32 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Helt enig.

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